The new god of the Roman Catholic church: The new Pope

By now you’ve probably heard about the pope’s recent announcement to start the process of converting millions of Roman Catholics who have long lived outside of their own country.While this move will be controversial, it is also a big step toward building a more pluralistic, tolerant and inclusive Roman Catholic Church.The move to convert these


When you think Islam, think the Philippines

There are three major faiths in the Philippines: Catholicism, Islam, and the country’s official religion, Islam.And if you think of the Muslim world as a monolithic, monolithic faith, then you’re not entirely wrong.And that’s because there are a number of diverse religious groups in the Muslim community, as well as the largest Muslim-majority country in


How Buddhism Became America’s Religion

Religion is one of the most popular forms of social cohesion in the U.S. and is a core part of our daily lives.But in the past few decades, religion has increasingly been embraced by young people in ways that many say are not respectful of other religious traditions.In the past, the church was viewed as


What is ‘joe’ religion?

Joe Biden, who won the presidency in 2008, is the third-highest-ranking elected official in the United States, and the first vice president to be a Muslim.His religion is not Islam, and his faith is not Christianity.Biden has been a staunch defender of Israel and has spoken favorably of its policies, which include a military campaign


Which religion is right for you?

The Religion article Religion is one of the most closely held, and most misunderstood, parts of human existence.The world over, religions differ with respect to their interpretation of the Bible, the Qur’an, and the Islamic faith.As such, people who have studied and written extensively about the various religions will often come away with a different


Why are so many Bosnian Muslims living in Turkey?

Muslim-majority Bosnia has been a hotspot for the Islamic State group, with some 40,000 fighters based there, most of them foreign fighters.It also hosts the main U.S. military base in the country, and has been under siege by the U.N. and European powers for more than two years.The U.K. has deployed troops to help Bosnia


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