George W. Bush: “I think we’re living in the age of Jesus”


George W Bush, the former president and current Republican presidential nominee, is now making his mark on the Bible.

Speaking at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on Monday, the 45th president said he was “in awe” of the Bible and its message of love and forgiveness.

He said that in his years as a missionary, he “never once felt that God was not listening to me.”

Speaking at a Bible Study at the College of Charleston, he said he often read to his family and students.

“I never once felt like I was being alone in the world,” Bush said.

“It was like there was someone there who was listening to my heart.”

Bush has said that he was born into a conservative Christian family and that he considers himself an evangelical.

He also said that at a young age, he was inspired to become a missionary.

Bush said that the Bible’s message of forgiveness, love, and mercy “was never something I had ever been encouraged to embrace.”

“The message of Jesus came to me,” Bush told the crowd.

“And I just found it amazing.”

Bush said he never once considered leaving the faith and that his family has been supportive of him since he came to the United States in 1992.

“There are a lot of people in my life who, I don’t think they have ever seen me in a very long time and they have been a great support, and they never have to think about me,” he said.

Bush’s remarks come amid a series of scandals surrounding his administration, including a leaked video of him bragging about sexual assault, an FBI investigation into a former adviser to the Trump campaign, and allegations that he broke into a Virginia home to search for a missing American missionary.

His administration has been accused of mismanaging the VA health care system and failing to properly secure its assets, which included more than $300 million in taxpayer funds.

The controversy also led to a public relations crisis that has brought down Bush’s former presidential campaign.

He has said he will be more forthcoming with the public in the coming months.

He is expected to make a series to be televised Monday night.

A spokesperson for Bush said in a statement that his comments are a reflection of the “strong personal faith and moral conviction” that drove him to serve in the White House.

“He believes that the work of the presidency requires both humility and the capacity to lead and inspire others, which he does in his work,” the spokesperson said.

In the past, Bush has spoken of the need to forgive and be kind.

In 2011, he told a gathering of pastors that “everybody forgets” that he has a “biblical worldview.”

He also expressed his faith in Jesus Christ, saying, “You can’t put God on trial.

You can’t have a trial.

And you can’t do it on trial.”

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