The new god of the Roman Catholic church: The new Pope


By now you’ve probably heard about the pope’s recent announcement to start the process of converting millions of Roman Catholics who have long lived outside of their own country.

While this move will be controversial, it is also a big step toward building a more pluralistic, tolerant and inclusive Roman Catholic Church.

The move to convert these Roman Catholics is the result of Pope Francis’ “Equal Marriage” initiative, which will allow Roman Catholics in other countries who are in a same-sex relationship to receive the same sacraments and to marry outside of the country of their birth.

This will be especially important for the 1.5 million Roman Catholics living in the U.S., who make up the majority of Catholics in the country.

This news, however, comes just weeks after the pontiff announced that he would not be able to ordain or canonize a single person in the Catholic Church for any reason.

While the pontiffs decision to end this discriminatory policy, which was also the result in a few other countries, will be welcomed by many, it comes at a time when many Catholic communities in the United States are seeing the rise of other faiths and cultures.

For example, a survey published this month by the Pew Research Center found that while most Americans think religion is important to them, only 17 percent of Catholics and only 10 percent of Protestants agree.

This is a huge change from decades ago when most Americans agreed with the statement, “There is no room for religious freedom in the public square.”

This week, Pope Francis will convene a meeting of cardinals to decide on how to move forward with the conversion process, and the pontifical court will then make the final call on the matter.

However, many observers have argued that Pope Francis has already done enough.

The Vatican, which has been known for its openness and transparency, has been very vocal in supporting same-gender couples, which is a step forward for a church that has often been averse to speaking out against homosexuality.

It is also notable that the Vatican has not announced any changes to its policies toward gays, and in fact, it has been a very welcoming place for gay Catholics.

In fact, many of the issues that are being raised in support of the conversion are very similar to the issues raised by Pope Francis and his church.

For example, many religious leaders and activists have called for the conversion of LGBT people.

For instance, the Rev. Robert Barron, who is gay, wrote on his blog, “It’s time for the church to stop acting as the moral authority of this country.

It’s time to be the voice of reason and conscience, not the voice that presides over the moral decisions of millions of people.”

It is also worth noting that, while Pope Francis is the first Catholic pope to speak out against same-lock marriage, other Christian leaders have also taken a very different stance.

In 2013, the Catholic Bishops Conference issued a statement that argued that “there is no such thing as a ‘natural marriage,’ and that any form of sexual intimacy between a man and a woman is immoral.”

The Catholic B, in response, wrote, “Bishops should speak up for marriage as the sacred union of one man and one woman.”

While this position is different than the position Pope Francis took, the two positions share many similarities.

For starters, both Pope Francis’s position and Pope Francis are calling for the restoration of the traditional definition of marriage and for Catholics to support the conversion.

Pope Francis is also not the first pope to come out against marriage equality, but he is the last pope to do so.

During his papacy, Pope John Paul II, who was a devout Roman Catholic, called for a “new union of the sexes.”

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