When you think Islam, think the Philippines


There are three major faiths in the Philippines: Catholicism, Islam, and the country’s official religion, Islam.

And if you think of the Muslim world as a monolithic, monolithic faith, then you’re not entirely wrong.

And that’s because there are a number of diverse religious groups in the Muslim community, as well as the largest Muslim-majority country in the world, the Philippines.

But for those unfamiliar with the Muslim faith, there are several distinct traditions that are distinct from the dominant Islamic faith in the country.

The Philippine Islamic Society is the umbrella group that runs the country and it’s one of the more well-known of the countrys major Islamic groups.

The organization has roughly 200,000 members, but they’re only in their 30s and 40s.

That means there are about a quarter of their members in their 20s and 30s.

In fact, about one-third of their population is over the age of 40.

But these are all groups that have a history that goes back to the Middle Ages and medieval times.

The other group that’s important is the Buhari family.

This is the Philippine government’s official name for its religious group.

It’s a group that the government officially recognizes, but its members are not formally recognized as Muslims.

The government officially allows members of the Buchis family to pray in public.

It also recognizes the Bumars as “officially recognized” religious groups, but that doesn’t mean that all Bumar worshippers have to follow the same rituals and practices as other Muslims.

As of this writing, the Bunas are officially recognized as religious groups under the Philippines Constitution.

They have more than 100 mosques, and they are a part of the Philippine National Police.

These are all very different from the traditional mosques of the Philippines, which are all run by Christian groups and have a specific Islamic theme.

The Bumas are also very well-organized, and their leader, Imams Ibrahim and Imam Abu Hamza, are both well-connected in the community.

Imams Abu Hamzar and Imams Imams Abdul-Rahman are both Muslim scholars, while Imams Bilal and Imam Abu Bakr are both Muslims.

And Imams Ibn al-Bun is a Catholic who was a minister to Pope John Paul II and is considered a Catholic saint.

Imam Ibrahim was a close friend of the pope and a member of his staff for many years.

So while Imam Bilal, Imam Imams, and Imamps Ibrahim are all Muslim scholars in the Bumi family, they’re all part of a wider tradition in the Philippine Muslim community that is unique in the Middle East and in the whole Muslim world.

In other words, they are Muslims, but also not.

What makes the Muslim tradition unique is that it is not a monolith.

There are many traditions in the religion.

The Philippines has many sects.

There is the Makkah Muslim community.

There’s the Muslim communities in Cebu and Mindanao.

There also are Muslim sects that live in Mindanaoan communities in Mindanong province, which includes Cebuan, the capital of Lanao del Norte province.

There were also the Muslim sects in the southern parts of Mindanaon, where the majority of the Muslims live.

There was also a Sunni Muslim sect that is known as the Makkiya, and it is considered the most dominant group of Muslims in Mindani.

There have also been different Islamic sects in Mindaniao, which is part of Mindanang province.

The Makkiyas are considered to be the most influential, and in fact the Makkois are the dominant group in the region.

There has also been a Sunni, Ahmadi, and a Malay Muslim community in Minday.

There even is a Muslim-Christian community in Visayas that is not officially recognized by the government as Muslims because of the political conflict there.

There you have it.

There really are so many different traditions in Islam.

The Islamic faith has a rich history in the entire Muslim world, and not all of them are mutually exclusive.

In the Philippines there are many distinct communities that have their own unique traditions.

The three main traditions are the Makka, the Muna, and Makko.

Makka The Makka is the largest and most important of the three traditions.

It is considered to have a special place in the history of the entire Islamic world.

This tradition is a form of Islam that emerged in the early 1500s.

It had been practiced for centuries in some areas of Indonesia and was then spread to other parts of the region by the Muslim rulers of the time.

They were trying to establish their own version of Islam, but eventually found that many of their rivals were practicing this same form of the religion and did not recognize it as Islam.

As a result, the Makkanis began to form

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