What is ‘joe’ religion?


Joe Biden, who won the presidency in 2008, is the third-highest-ranking elected official in the United States, and the first vice president to be a Muslim.

His religion is not Islam, and his faith is not Christianity.

Biden has been a staunch defender of Israel and has spoken favorably of its policies, which include a military campaign against the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas.

But he has also made controversial statements, including suggesting that Israel has been using “disgusting” tactics against Palestinian civilians.

In a 2012 appearance at the White House, Biden said that the United Nations should be abolished, and that it should be a forum to “discuss the facts of what’s going on in the Middle East.”

Biden has since said he is not a religious fanboy, but his religion has been mentioned in his speeches and statements.

Biden’s wife, Jill, is also a Muslim, and they have a son, Joe.

Joe Biden has described himself as a devout Christian, and a devout Muslim.

While his political views have changed over the years, his religious views have not.

Joe’s family says that he is a Christian.

Biden himself has said that he will continue to be religious.

“I am not an atheist,” he said.

“In my life, I have been a Christian, but I don’t believe in a personal god.

I believe in the Trinity, the Holy Ghost and the Father and the Son.

It is not about me being a god or a prophet or a priest.

That is not what I believe.

I am a man who loves his country and believes in the American people.”

Joe Biden is the first Muslim president of the United State.

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