When you’re not studying religion, is there a religion that makes you more optimistic?


Religion is often cited as a source of optimism and purpose, as evidenced by the high levels of positive emotions in the United States and Europe, as well as the fact that religiosity is generally considered to be a relatively stable state of mind.

However, new research from Oxford University shows that these positive feelings are more strongly linked to the religion of the person studying them than the religion that they study, a finding that could have implications for how we interpret religion.

Religion has been a hot topic in the past year, as several prominent religions and ideologies have come under fire in recent months, with the US becoming the most extreme country in the world to ban its most-recently banned religion, Islam.

Although many religions have been deemed to be false and dangerous, there are some that have found new meaning and meaning in the wake of this controversy.

The new study by researchers at Oxford University’s Department of Psychology, Religion and Public Life, investigated how the religion itself and the person being studied interact in relation to their own optimism and optimism about the future.

Religion was first studied in the 1970s and 80s in the US by psychologist George Beadle and his colleagues, who examined the effect of religiosity on the optimism of a group of students.

The researchers were interested in how a group would be more optimistic if they were less religious, and in particular if they could be more open to new ideas, such as those which would increase their own confidence.

Religion, as it turns out, was the only factor which the students felt less optimistic about if they studied it more.

But this study also found that people who study more religion tend to have more positive attitudes towards their religion, suggesting that the positive emotions they experience may be more directly related to the religious state than the state itself.

This suggests that the people who are more religious may be less likely to feel the positive emotion of optimism itself, and may instead feel it indirectly through other aspects of their life.

The study was published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.

The Oxford University team examined the data from the first study of its kind, using data from a longitudinal study that tracked the development of people’s attitudes towards religion over time.

They found that the more a person studied a religion, the more they tended to be optimistic about the state of the world and the future of humanity.

But when they looked at the data of the people they studied, the researchers found that optimism about religion had a negative correlation with the belief that a particular religion is true.

For instance, a person who had high levels (20 per cent) of optimism about their own religion was more likely to believe that a religion is not true if they had high (80 per cent+) optimism about another religion.

The negative correlation between the belief in the existence of a particular religious belief and the likelihood of believing in the truth of a specific religion was also significant.

The findings suggest that people’s optimism about other people’s religions can have an impact on their own, which is in line with previous research on the relationship between optimism and other-directedness and the development and evolution of altruism.

The research also found some interesting trends.

People who studied more religion were more likely than those who did not to have positive emotions about religion.

This could indicate that people might not experience these positive emotions directly, but are influenced by their beliefs and experience.

The team found that religans were more positive towards their own faith than non-religious people.

This may be a result of the fact the more people who have an interest in a particular faith, the higher their positive attitudes are towards it.

People were also more likely when they studied a specific religious tradition to have higher levels of optimism for the afterlife than other religious traditions.

The results also showed that people with higher levels (50 per cent or more) of positive attitudes were also less likely than people with lower levels to have negative attitudes about their faith.

However this does not mean that people are less optimistic when they do not have a strong religious connection.

The relationship between positive attitudes and optimism is not simply an interaction between religious belief, optimism and positive feelings.

The positive feelings were also directly related.

The fact that people had positive feelings towards their belief in religion itself, when it was not their own belief, may also explain why people have higher optimism towards their beliefs, the team said.

The authors say the findings could provide insights into how to change people’s beliefs and attitudes towards different religions and beliefs.

The full article: Religion, optimism, positive feelings, belief in afterlife

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