Which religion is best for winter weather?


The answer depends on which one you live in.

But a new survey by Ipsos Reid finds that, in the winter, more people in the United States choose to wear a traditional Muslim or Christian head covering than a sweater, sweater, or coat.

And, in fact, in many of the 50 states, more of those who live in a traditional home are Muslim than Christians.

“The main reason for the difference between the two groups is the number of people who wear the hijab or the niqab,” says Ipsos director of research, Dr. Sussan Ali.

“But there are many other reasons for it, including people’s religious beliefs.”

Among the more surprising findings: The number of Americans who say they wear a head cover has grown over the past five years.

It was just 7% in 2013, according to Ipsos, and now it’s almost as high as the share of Americans that wear a scarf in 2015.

It’s also rising in the South and West.

The trend is likely to continue: The poll found that in 2017, only 23% of Americans wore a head covering in winter.

“We’re at a point where it’s becoming acceptable to wear it,” Ali says.

“People are starting to wear them.

We’re starting to see more and more people wearing them.”

In many cases, the religious affiliation of a person who wears the head cover may not be known.

That’s because many religious groups don’t ask about their religion.

“Some religious groups have more specific guidelines about what their religious beliefs are,” Ali explains.

“Other religious groups may have very specific guidelines on what their own beliefs are, but they don’t require people to reveal their religious affiliation to their children.”

The findings have the potential to be an important factor in the upcoming presidential election.

“For us, it’s important to have people understand that not everyone is the same,” says Ali.

For example, when asked about their views on homosexuality and their religious affiliations, Muslims are more likely to say they are gay than non-Muslims.

And while Christians are more inclined to agree with the teachings of the Bible, they are less likely to wear the head covering.

“There is an interesting dynamic there,” says Dr. Alida Gershon, a professor of sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“I think we’ve come to accept that the majority of Americans are more accepting of those differences than some of the other religious groups.”

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