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Bosnian Muslims and their allies in the Sarajevo region are making big strides in their fight against the Islamic State group in the country’s capital, the capital city, and in surrounding regions.

The battle to reclaim the historic city of Sarajeva has pitted Bosnian Serbs and Bosnian Muslim fighters against the extremists for more than a year, with the latter seizing the strategic city last week.

Since then, Bosnian and Serbian forces have made significant advances in the battle for the city, with many locals saying the battle is about more than just the city.

“We need a bigger force to stop ISIS from capturing our capital.

The city is our destiny, and we are doing our best to keep it that way,” Sarajewek Mayor Rado Jansa said in a video released by the Sarojevo municipality.

But Bosnian President Ramush Haradinaj says the battle to retake the city will not be a one-off.

“It is going to be a continuous fight.

The battle will continue, there is no break in the fight, no truce,” Haradinj said at a news conference Monday.

“We will continue fighting until our victory.”‘

Sarajevos have no faith in God’There are about 1,000 Muslim residents in the capital, with most living in a few hundred square meters of a square block.

There are also about 300 Bosniaks who are mostly Muslims but also have some Bosniak roots, said Ramzan Zivko, who lives in Sarajestan.

Zivkovic said he had been praying regularly for the battle, but has been hesitant to join the fight because he has no faith, no faith.

“My children say, ‘Mommy, Dad, what’s wrong with you?'” he said.

“I say to them, ‘God does not forgive, no, no.

God does not abandon you.'”

The battle is also the latest in a series of events in the region that have made Muslims increasingly wary of the country.

Bosnia is considered one of the most religiously conservative countries in Europe, with only about 4 percent of the population identifying as Muslim.

The country has been beset by political and social turmoil for years and a bloody civil war between ethnic Serbs from the south and Bosniaked Serbs, a powerful Muslim clan from the east, has left a trail of bloodshed.

Some observers blame the violence on the government and its supporters, but many Muslims see the conflict as the result of decades of discrimination.

Many Muslims in the south of the region say they were discriminated against in the 1960s and 1970s, during the communist era, when Bosniaking Serbs were driven from their homes.

That has fueled ethnic tensions between the Bosniakers and Serbs.

Since the end of the war, Bosniks and Serb’s have been in a tense standoff, and tensions have been running high since late 2016.

Bosniakis, for example, have repeatedly accused Serb supporters of staging deadly bombings that killed scores of Bosniaki civilians.

The country’s military says its forces have been training Bosniaka soldiers, and the army says its troops are doing everything they can to restore order.

“I don’t know if the war is over, but we’re very pleased that Bosniaky soldiers are now participating in the war against ISIS,” Zivka said.

In recent months, Bosnians have also started taking up arms against ISIS in their own neighborhoods.

The ISIS militants have killed hundreds of Bosnian Bosniag civilians, mostly women and children, and have forced some Bosnak men to fight alongside the terrorist group.

In recent weeks, Bosnic soldiers have begun firing on ISIS positions in the Bosnian capital of Srebrenica, and several Bosnian mosques have been targeted.

On Tuesday, a Bosnian police officer was killed and a number of other people were wounded in a car bombing in the city of Sfax, according to Srebra, the police chief.

The attacks followed the release of a video in which ISIS fighters killed a Bosniatic Muslim man.

The attack comes amid a growing backlash against the country for its role in the civil war that has left more than 10,000 dead, according a government tally.

The Sarajego attack came as ISIS released a video showing the beheading of a Bosnaked Serbian man who had been tortured for more a year by ISIS.

The beheading video was distributed on social media, sparking a backlash in the Muslim world.

The video shows the man being beheaded in a basement in an abandoned house in the southern town of Sarjevo.

A masked ISIS fighter stands over the body, and his eyes are filled with blood.

The video ends with a voiceover saying: “We are victorious.

Our blood is on your hands.

And this is what we say: We will destroy you.

Our children are with you.

We will finish you.”

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