Why does the United States not have a religious identity?


In the wake of the United Nations Human Rights Council’s decision to establish a “religious freedom” resolution, many Americans have been asking the question: why? 

In the words of former US president Jimmy Carter, it is “a question of life and death.” 

However, while Carter’s words have resonated with millions of Americans, it has also led to some very odd reactions from some Americans, who seem to believe that if they do not want to be labeled a religious entity, then they are not a human being, at least in their own minds.

“It’s a very sad thing,” one commenter wrote on an Instagram post of a photo of a man with a religious face, captioned “I can’t believe I’m a Muslim.

I have the right to pray and I don’t care what anyone says.”

The comment was shared over 3,000 times and garnered more than 200,000 likes and comments in a matter of days.

“This is the way it’s always been,” another user wrote.

“People will call you a terrorist, a terrorist and you’ll be like ‘you’re just a Muslim.'” 

Some have also accused those who have a similar religious identity of being atheists.

“When I’m in my home state of Texas I’m not allowed to pray in public, because my neighbor does not believe in God,” one user wrote on Instagram.

“So I pray in my car.

It’s not because I believe in Jesus Christ, it’s because my neighbors think that I do.

Why is it okay to do that in a public place?

And when I’m out of town, people just say ‘oh I’m an atheist’ and that’s the end of it.

I’m still here, still a Christian, I still live my faith.” 

Another user, “Mama Sissi,” wrote: “The world has changed since the 9/11 attacks, and there is nothing sacred in America anymore. 

We don’t need to prove to our children that we are right, and the only thing that matters is our beliefs and our family values.”

While many people on both sides of the aisle agree that there is a need for religious freedom in the United Kingdom and Europe, some people seem to think that religious minorities are just being discriminated against.

“People who don’t fit the stereotypical Christian stereotype, people who don’st follow Jesus’ teachings, people that are not Christian at all, those are people who are going to be targeted for discrimination,” said Rabbi Joshua Yanklowitz, the founder of the American Jewish Committee and a former president of the Union for Reform Judaism.

“I think we are seeing a lot of discrimination because people are not comfortable in their beliefs and their values.”

Yanklowitzer said the American rabbinate and American Jewish community are currently working on legislation to address the issue. 

“What we need to do is make sure we understand what is actually happening, we have to make sure that people are really doing what they are supposed to do,” he said.

“And we need a whole community to come together to educate ourselves, so that we can come together in the next two to four years and we can get rid of this whole thing.” 

In Europe, the number of hate crimes in 2016 was more than 1,000 higher than in 2015, according to the Office for National Statistics. 

Despite some progress in the US, the numbers are still higher than the same time last year. 

In 2016, the FBI reported more than 9,000 hate crimes against Muslims, according a press release. 

The numbers for 2017 are still unknown.

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