How to be a Buddhist for the next 20 years


Nilsen, a Danish journalist and writer, told DW he had never really been religious and had no particular attachment to any specific religious group.

He is an atheist, a non-believer, but has a “great deal of respect for Buddhism” for its “very inclusive, tolerant and compassionate” teachings.

Nilsen is one of the first Danish people to start a new religion since Denmark joined the European Union in 2015.

He started the new religion in April and has just announced the launch of the new website.

The new website is based on the teachings of Buddhism, and aims to make it easier for new converts to find out more about Buddhism and its teachings.

“The website is not going to be about Buddhism or any other religion,” Nilsens told DW.

“We are aiming for a better future.

We want people to become more aware of the history and teachings of this religion.”

A new religion, which has yet to be named, is based around the teachings and teachings in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, which includes the Theravada (Buddhist) and Theravadin (Dharma) schools of Buddhism.

The aim is to create a more tolerant and tolerant society where everyone is treated equally and free from prejudice and discrimination.

“We want to make sure that we create a world that is less of a prison,” Nesen said.

“So the website will be focused on the Buddhist tradition.

We have created a Buddhist version of a dictionary, so we can make it more accessible to people.”

The website aims to increase the awareness of Buddhism around the world, and also help people to get the basics of Buddhism taught in schools.

According to Nesens, it will also help new converts get the knowledge and skills to be able to be successful in life.

A new Buddhist religion aims to create more equality in Denmark, and to be more inclusive, and he hopes that this new religion will help to achieve this goal.

“It’s about creating a better world, a more equal society,” Nelsen said, “We hope that by making this website and teaching people, we will be able create a better and more open society.”

The new website aims at helping people to learn about the Buddhist religion and its teaching and to get it taught in school.

Nilsensen is also aiming to make the new Buddhist community more tolerant, open and tolerant.

He believes that “by making this site and teaching it, we can be a better society.

We can also be more tolerant to other religions.

We are able to help people with more diverse religions to be better and better citizens of this world.”

In order to make this website more accessible and accessible, Nilses said he has used a lot of money donated to him by people from all over the world.

“I have used that money to buy the fonts for the site,” Nysen said of his site.

“I have spent about 800 euros on this site.

It’s very expensive to make a website, but I’m glad that I have done it.”

Nilsens said he wants to start the website with just 10,000 people, and hopes to grow that by the end of the year.

He believes that the website is “a lot better than what I am currently using.”

“I’m sure I could have done this in a few months,” he said.

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