How to find German religion in Germany


A new map has been created that shows the number of German religions according to the percentage of population that belongs to a particular religion.

The map is based on the data from the Federal Statistical Office, and it reveals how much religion is concentrated in the country.

The Federal Statistical Service’s (FSB) annual report, which was released this week, showed that Germany has the third highest number of religions in Europe, behind Belgium and France.

According to the report, about 12.6 percent of Germans have a religious affiliation, which means that about 5.3 percent of the population have a religion.

Of course, the report also shows that this figure can vary by region and state.

The FSB report also showed that the number in the world’s top 10 religious nations is higher than Germany, where about 4.8 percent of residents have a belief in God.

But this percentage is far lower than the overall population.

According the report Germany has one of the highest percentages of the world population that has a religious identity.

The report showed that in 2015, Germany had a total of 9.6 million Muslims, of which 7.5 million are Muslims, while Germany’s Muslims were just over 1 million.

This means that Germany’s total Muslim population is at least 20 million.

The German Muslim population was at the same level as Russia, which has 6.6 billion Muslims, according to data from Pew Research Center.

According this data, Germany has more than four million Muslims in total.

However, Germany is not the only country where Muslims make up a significant percentage of the overall Muslim population.

Pakistan has a Muslim population of more than 8 million, according the United Nations, which is the second largest Muslim population after China.

Germany has an estimated Muslim population that is at the top of the global rankings for Muslims, behind Pakistan.

In the United States, Muslims account for about one-third of the U.S. population, but the share of Muslims in the U,S.

is still much lower than in Europe.

According Pew, the Muslim population in the United Kingdom is about 16.6 per cent, compared to 20.2 per cent in Germany.

But the Muslim share of the total population in Germany is higher, as the report shows that in 2014, Germany’s Muslim population stood at about 16 per cent.

It is also important to note that the Federal Statistics Office does not give the total number of Muslims as the total Muslim demographic is often estimated by countries, which could be a way of counting the number.

The number of Christians in Germany The Federal Statistics Service also reported that there are about 8.6 millions Christians in the German population, which represents about 1.6% of the country’s total population.

The data show that the share in the population is much lower compared to the overall Christian population, where the share is estimated at about 7.6%.

According to data released by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), about 1 million Christians live in Germany, while another 1.4 million are refugees from the Middle East.

About 500,000 Christians are registered with BAMF, while some 500,00 are asylum seekers.

According BAMf, the majority of Christians have lived in Germany for less than 10 years.

It was estimated that the Christian population in 2016 was around 11 million.

However this number could be lower as some refugees from other countries are registered as Christians in order to claim asylum in Germany and claim benefits.

It also remains unclear how many of the Christians are actually refugees and how many are registered in the refugee population.

Muslims and Jews have much in common Muslim immigrants from Afghanistan are a majority in Germany’s population, according data released this year by the federal statistical office.

The Muslim population represented 11.3 per cent of the German Jewish population in 2017, compared with 9.1 per cent for the Jewish population overall.

The share of Muslim immigrants was even higher, at 16.1 percent, according BAMFs estimates.

However the Jewish community also has a history of conflict with other communities.

The Jewish community has been accused of being intolerant of other groups, including Muslims, in recent years.

The statistics show that Muslims make the highest number, at 17.9 percent, of the Muslims in Germany with about 1,700,000 of the 1.7 million Muslims living in the European Union, according figures from the Council of Europe, a body that investigates alleged human rights violations.

The United States is the third largest Muslim-majority country with about 2.6 to 3 million Muslims.

However its Muslim population has declined dramatically over the last decade, due to the influx of Muslim migrants from the former Soviet Union.

In 2016, the number was around 2.1 million, while in 2017 the number stood at 1.9 million, which indicates that the Muslim community is now shrinking.

In 2017, there were more than 1.3 million Muslims who were in the EU, according statistics

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