Why are some of the world’s biggest religions so anti-science?


Germany’s biggest Protestant church is one of a growing number of Protestant churches to say it is against all forms of scientific inquiry.

The Bishops of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the US say in a new document that the Bible and scientific research are not compatible.

The document also says that the Church should be respected for its beliefs and its own unique faith.

The Evangelical Union of Protestant Churches, or EULC, said in a statement Wednesday that the Bishops’ decision is a “grave mistake” that has the effect of “eroding the foundation of scientific knowledge” in the church.

It is part of an increasingly polarized world where religious people are increasingly demanding answers about the world, including about religion.

The EULCs statement, published in The Guardian, comes after several major Christian denominations, including the United Church of Christ, have said they will no longer cooperate with scientific research and institutions that fund it.

The group of Protestant denominations said the decision is “unfortunate” and “completely unacceptable.”

It was unclear what steps EUL C, which has more than 80,000 members, is taking to protest the decision.

The church is known for its strong opposition to vaccinations, climate change and the environmental movement.

In a statement, the EULs chief executive, Peter Muehlhauser, said the church’s stance on science and religion was “at the core of our faith” and that the church has never “denied or rejected any aspect of scientific research.”

He said the statement was a “major step in the direction of a more respectful relationship between science and faith in Germany.”

He added that the decision to separate church-based research from scientific research “does not mean that we are opposed to scientific discovery.”

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