Why are so many Bosnian Muslims living in Turkey?


Muslim-majority Bosnia has been a hotspot for the Islamic State group, with some 40,000 fighters based there, most of them foreign fighters.

It also hosts the main U.S. military base in the country, and has been under siege by the U.N. and European powers for more than two years.

The U.K. has deployed troops to help Bosnia and Herzegovina cope with the Islamic threat, while Turkey has stepped up its military presence in the region.

But while the United States and the European Union have both imposed travel bans on the Bosnian Muslim community, U.A.E. leaders have maintained the country’s borders remain open.

Now the Bosnians have been asked to leave the country as a result of the Islamic terror threat, the country of 9.5 million people is trying to cope with what it sees as the threat of radical Islamism.

Asatru is the main religious denomination of Bosnian Muslims, and it has a long history in Bosnia.

It was founded by a priest named Umar Khan in 1855 in the tiny village of Dvoce, just outside the capital Sarajevo.

The name is derived from the word for “great” or “god.”

The church of the Umar-Khan family is still revered by Muslims across Bosnia, and is considered a sacred place.

The majority of Bosnian Serbs are Umarans, but there are some Serbs who are not Muslims.

As many as 30,000 Muslims live in Bosnia, according to the International Crisis Group, and the Umer Dervi mosque, a historic mosque, was built in Dvoje in 1915.

In the past, Muslims lived in the area surrounding the mosque, which was known as Dzostan.

In recent years, the Muslim community in Dzestan has been on the rise, with a number of mosques built in the past year, and in the summer, the number of Bosniaks arriving in the city increased.

A new mosque has been constructed next to the mosque in the town of Dzastan, and there have been a number other mosques in the Dzeste neighborhood, which has about 50,000 people.

“There are Muslims living on the streets, and we have to find a solution to this problem,” Bosnian police commander Vuk Jeremij told The Associated Press in August.

“In the past it was a problem where people came from other parts of Bosnia to live in Dzanovar.

But now we have more Muslims living here and that’s a good thing.”

Umar, the founder of the Asatric, is a member of the Bosniak Orthodox Church.

He is believed to have been the first Muslim to arrive in Bosnia in the late 16th century.

After his death, his followers founded the Umeti Mosque in Dzo, which dates back to the 12th century and is now one of the most popular mosques in Bosnia and has attracted Muslims from around the world.

The mosque is located in the eastern part of Dzanovo, about 35 kilometers (20 miles) from Sarajego, the city where the Umayyad Mosque once stood.

According to the local newspaper, the Asaratru religion is the successor to the Muslim faith, which is considered to be the most conservative form of Islam.

Some Asatrians believe the Umeys, the second coming of Jesus Christ, came to Bosnia to fulfill the prophecy of the Serbs and Muslims that the Muslims would rule the Balkans.

“The Umeyas were here and they had a prophet called Umar who came to the people and said: I will give you an empire and rule the land,” said Sava Zlatovic, a Bosnian Asatrian, according the Daily Mail.

“I don’t think that’s possible.

There is no place for Islam here in Bosnia.”

In August, the Urujevi Mosque, built in 1995, was bombed, and some 1,000 Bosnese Muslims were killed in the bombing, according an Associated Press report.

The bombing was blamed on Umar and his followers, who say they came to take over the Umesa Mosque, the first of its kind in Bosnia before the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in the early 19th century, which led to the creation of the modern state of Bosnia.

According the Asats, Umar is the son of Umar II, the brother of the late Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II.

“When I heard about the bombing of the mosque I cried,” said Umeza Kogan, who was one of about a dozen people who were killed.

“It’s the biggest tragedy in my life.

I feel so sorry for the victims, and I’m very sorry for all the people who are still in the mosque.”

In an interview with the BBC, the president of the

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