New ‘Hindu’ group set up in Nepal


New ‘hindu’ movement is set to set up a ‘community’ in Nepal, with its headquarters to be set up near the country’s border with China.

The Nepali Centre for Research on Hindutva, an organisation with an annual budget of $300,000, has identified the area near the Kathmandu International Airport and is seeking help from the Nepalese government to set it up.

It is hoped the new group will help Nepali youth connect with a new generation of religious and secular leaders.

The organisation, founded in 2007 by an influential religious leader and a student, has attracted many people from the countrys large Christian minority.

It has also been a centre of support for Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama and for a controversial video made by exiled Tibetan leader the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Lobsang Sangay, who was jailed for 10 years for his role in a violent protest in which two policemen were killed.

The Nepali authorities have expressed their gratitude for the organisation’s efforts, but they have not welcomed the group’s ambitions.

“I am very happy that we have found the right place.

This is a unique opportunity for us to establish a new community here,” said Kavita Suresh, president of the Centre for Science and Culture of Nepal.

“We hope that by establishing such a community, the youth will find it easier to connect with the Hindu community and to be involved in politics.”

The organisation, which aims to reach out to and engage with religious leaders in the Nepali capitals Nepali diaspora, has been operating under the name of Hindu Nepal since the 1970s.

Its mission statement is to promote and promote the Hindu Dharma and the Hindu spiritual culture in Nepal.

The Centre for Scientific and Technological Studies, which was founded in 1987, has its headquarters in Kathmandus capital city of Kathmand.

Nepal’s Hindu community has long been seen as a minority in the country.

They have long been discriminated against and faced threats to their life and property, and were denied the right to practise their faith, especially in areas where the majority of the population is Buddhist.

A 2009 survey by the Nepal Human Rights Commission, however, found that Hindu groups were able to form an important presence in the capital Kathmandum and in the northern district of Pashupatinath, and the government was doing its best to ensure their rights.

The government’s approach to the movement has been different from that of many other countries in the region, however.

In 2013, Nepal adopted a constitution that included provisions for the recognition of the right of religion, but it did not provide for the protection of minority religions.

Many rights were reserved for the majority, and minorities were left out.

But in recent years, religious groups have been given rights in Nepal that are similar to those enjoyed by many other minority groups.

After the 2008 riots, the Nepal government announced that it was considering introducing a bill that would allow religious groups to register under the Hindu law.

But the bill was never passed, with opposition from religious leaders and other religious leaders.

Last year, the government passed a law giving religious organisations the right for their leaders to visit their followers.

This new bill has been welcomed by the Hindu organisations, which say it will make it easier for them to connect to the Nepalean community and will give them greater influence in government.

However, many religious leaders say that they will still not be able to work in the government’s plans for a new religious law because they fear they will be blocked from the proposed legislation by the Nepalans, who they say will take away their right to religious freedom.

‘Hindu nationalism’ In Nepal, religious organisations have long had a voice in the national discourse.

For example, there is a Hindu organisation in Kathpur, the seat of the Nepals central government, that has been involved in the development of Nepali education, healthcare and social services, according to a report by the National Commission for Religious Affairs (NCRA).

But the country has seen a dramatic increase in the number of incidents of Hindu nationalism since the mid-1990s.

Some of the most vocal leaders of Hindu nationalist organisations in Nepal are prominent politicians and religious leaders, including the chief minister of Nepal, the former Nepali president Pratap Chouhan, former Nepaleses foreign minister Anuradha Sharma, and other prominent figures from the religious right.

They are often accused of using religious language and promoting Hindu nationalism.

At the centre of this debate is the recent film by Lobsangs Sangay called ‘Tibetan Genocide’.

It was made in 2016, and was seen as an attack on Buddhism by the Dalai Lamas exiled Tibetan spiritual leaders.

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