How to watch the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest (via the official website)


As the host country of Eurovision, Croatia is the first European country to take part in the competition.

Although Croatia is not the first nation to take the stage, it has become the first since 2009 to have its song performed by a female singer and is the only country to do so in a traditional form.

Croatia’s first Eurovision performance took place on May 5th at the Eurovision Festival in Croatia’s capital, Bratislava.

The song “Bela” by Croatian singer Zuzana Popović is performed in its entirety by Croatian female singer Zemina Popovič.

The winning entry will be announced on May 7th at 5pm GMT.

The new Eurovision rules allow for a song to be performed on the first night only and there are no plans to change this rule for the second night, which is scheduled for September.

However, the song will be allowed to be played on the second day, meaning that a song which won’t be performed by an official entry will not be allowed on the final night of the competition, although it will be replayed later in the week.

The competition will not have a dress code, which means that women who wear makeup will be able to participate.

In a statement, the organizers of Eurocup said: “The song will continue to be produced by our producers, and we will continue working on making the show even better.

We have a long history of making great shows and this is our chance to show our support to our fans and the country that has made this competition a great success.”

In addition to the rule changes, the Croatian Government is also looking at how to increase the number of female participants at Eurovision and to promote female participation in the music industry.

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