Nail Supply’s nail supply startup is closing a deal to become the first nail company to sell nail polish to a global consumer.


Nail Supplies was founded by two Australian men in 2015.

The company now has offices in the US, China, and South Africa, and hopes to make a splash in the nail market with the launch of its first product, the nail polish nail supply.

The brand is aiming to bring a variety of products to the US market, including polishes for manicures, brows, and more.

The nail supply company, which started in 2014, has plans to scale up its business over time.

Nail supplies have grown quickly in the last few years, with a growing number of brands launching nail supply lines.

In January, NailSupply launched a $2 million round led by Index Ventures.

Earlier this year, the company announced it had raised $5.8 million in a Series B round led, in part, by Tiger Global. is the online nail supply site for the US and China, offering a broad range of nail supplies from nail polishes, to nail polish polishes and more nail supplies.

Its US presence is currently limited to nail supplies that are sold in stores, but it plans to expand its international presence.

The website currently only lists nail supplies in the United States, but plans to add more nail products and brands. launched in the UK in 2015, and it has since grown to become one of the largest nail supply companies in the world.

The UK market is a growing one, and its nail supply business is one of its strongest markets, with sales up nearly 200 percent from 2016., the UK nail supply giant, has been growing rapidly since it launched in 2014.

Its growth has been fuelled by a strong nail polish market and its growing focus on nail polish and nail polish products.

It recently added the US to its list of markets, adding more than 150 brands to its online nail store. has also announced that it will expand its nail stock in China to include nail polishing, nail polish, and nail care products., another nail supply platform, has also made big inroads into the nail supply industry, adding nail supplies to its app and on its website.

It has been one of Australia’s leading nail supply firms, with over 1,400 brands of nail products.

The launch of comes as, a US nail supply and polish company, recently acquired, a UK nail supplies and polish platform, also recently added nail supplies, including nail polishers, to its website and app. is another nail store that has grown rapidly in the past two years, and now has more than 100 brands of shoe polish and accessories, as well as nail supplies for manicure, brow, and other types of products.

One of the main reasons for the rapid growth in nail supplies is the rise in popularity of nail polish in the American market.

This trend has been seen in both the nail and nail supply industries, as more people are opting for nail polish for their looks.

The American nail supply market is expected to grow more than 25 percent this year., another US nail store, announced a $500 million round in March, and is set to grow even further with plans to enter the European nail supply space.

It will be one of several nail supply businesses in the coming years to expand in the European market.

Nixie is a US company that has been slowly expanding its market presence in Europe, and this has led to a rapid growth of its sales in Europe., the US nail and polish supply company based in Sydney, Australia, announced last year that it had added more than 300 brands of polish and shoe polish to its product list.

The market has been in a constant decline since was founded in 2013. is a Russian nail supply website that recently launched in Poland.

It now has over 20,000 brands of polishes., a Japanese nail supply, is another European nail company that was recently bought by the US company, in 2017., a Polish nail supply outlet, recently announced plans to start an international branch in 2018., another European brand, has recently expanded into China and is planning to expand into the US. is a Polish brand that is also expanding into Europe.

In 2018, Nigshopshops, a nail supply chain in Germany, announced that the brand had signed a multi-year deal with the Polish company, Polish Nieveshafts.

The deal will give

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