Japan and India agree to ban US flag at stadiums


By Tom Brady and Karen PrenticeKenya and Japan have agreed to a new agreement that bans American flags and other symbols that could offend their religious and cultural sensitivities, following protests against the flag’s use in soccer stadiums and the World Cup in Brazil.

The agreement came after a week of clashes in the Asian nation that saw more than 50,000 people take to the streets and more than 100,000 arrested.

The US and Japan are the only two countries to use American flags at home and abroad, but the two countries have long battled over their use in international events.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Kenyan Prime Minister Yoweri Museveni announced their intention to move ahead with the agreement in an exclusive interview with CNN.

They said the move was based on the two governments’ desire to strengthen their ties.

The announcement was made as protests raged in Japan and Kenya over the flag, with police deploying tear gas and water cannon to quell the demonstrations.

The new agreement was agreed upon at a meeting of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the world’s biggest development bank.

“The ADB will strengthen cooperation in areas of culture and education, tourism, information technology, research and innovation, and public health, the two officials said.

It is the ADB’s first-ever agreement on the use of American flags,” a spokesman said.”

It was reached in order to strengthen the ADBS cooperation on cultural, economic, political, security and other important issues.”

In the US, a number of protests were staged in the days after the World War II-era US flag was removed from the White House lawn and replaced with the national flag in 1972.

The flag remained in place until it was replaced by the United Nations flag in the Oval Office in January 2017.

The United States has been a major supplier of military equipment to Kenya, including tanks, planes and drones.

It was not immediately clear if the new agreement would also include an agreement to remove the US flag from the stadium.

“We want to have a dialogue and work together on a number issues that are relevant to the countries,” a senior Japanese government official told CNN.

“This is a way to create a good atmosphere, a good environment for the citizens of Japan and the people of the world to be able to express their views,” the official added.

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