What Elon Musk says about religion


Musk, the Tesla founder and CEO, is no stranger to controversy.

The SpaceX CEO has a history of controversial statements and, more recently, the recent firing of a female engineer for being too “bossy.”

But this time, Musk has an unorthodox religion.

Musk, who has made his fortune as a self-made entrepreneur, has a strong interest in religion.

And he’s been known to go on a bit of a “biblical” rant.

He’s written that the Bible is a “fraud,” that it is a tool of Satan, and that Christians who believe in a “higher power” are actually “miserable fools.”

“This is not a faith,” he wrote in a 2015 essay for Christianity Today.

“This religion is a fraud.”

Musk’s writings on faith have been controversial.

In 2016, he claimed that Christians should be ashamed of their “inaccurate, destructive, and dangerous ideas about Islam” and should instead be trying to “make a better world.”

He has also claimed that “religion is a scam” and has called it “the worst form of modern superstition.”

He even went so far as to declare that atheists are the “most evil people on the face of the earth.”

Elon Musk’s views on religion have come under scrutiny in recent years, and he has since taken a stance on the subject.

Last year, Musk said in a Facebook post that he was no longer an atheist, and this year he told the Associated Press that he now believes in a higher power.

Musk is currently building the Model 3 electric car.

Tesla is developing a line of electric vehicles that will offer both gasoline and electric drive.

Musk has also become involved in a campaign called Make Your Planet Great Again.

Musk believes the Earth is in a precarious situation and he is urging his followers to fight against global warming and climate change.

“We are going to fight global warming because it is happening,” Musk told the AP.

“It’s happening because we’re going to destroy our climate.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said his company will start producing electric cars.

“The way to go is to stop making cars,” Musk said.

“You can’t get into the climate business if you are not in the car business.”

Musk has a long history of outspoken criticism of religious beliefs.

In a 2015 interview with Christian Broadcasting Network, Musk claimed that the church has no place in the world.

“I would like to see it go, but I don’t think there is any point in it,” Musk stated.

Musk also once wrote in an article for the Christian Post that “the best way to get rid of religion is to make it extinct.”

Musk said the same thing about his church when he spoke at a 2016 “Global Citizen Summit” held by the World Christian Forum in South Korea.

“If you can get rid the religion from people, then that’s the best way,” Musk declared.

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