How to get started in one world religion


Norway is one of the few places where the idea of a single world religion has never been seriously entertained.

But it’s a topic that has recently been revisited after two separate incidents in the past two years.

In January, an anti-government protest erupted in Oslo after two men who have called themselves the Knights Templar stabbed three police officers and a Norwegian teacher.

The attack was blamed on an international group that the police called the Knights of Norway.

But the authorities have since denied any involvement.

“We’re not talking about a secret society here,” said Peter Bjørnstad, an organizer of the Knights’ Norwegian branch, in a statement last month.

“We’re talking about the people who live in Norway who are part of a religion that is very important to the Norwegian state.”

But Bjønstad has a point.

In a recent survey, the Norwegian government said that only about 4 percent of its population is involved in any religion, while the rest is either indifferent or non-existent.

The figure is even lower among the older generation.

In fact, a 2014 survey by the Norwegian Institute of Public Opinion found that only 7 percent of the population had a religious affiliation.

And that’s just Norway.

Other countries that have experienced attacks on police or foreign visitors in recent years have been the United Kingdom, France and Australia.

There have also been attacks in Sweden and Belgium.

But since January, attacks in Norway have occurred almost exclusively in the capital, Oslo.

In an interview with Norway’s broadcaster NRK, Bjønnstad described the Knights as an international organization that is “very important to Norway.”

The organization’s “main aim is to promote the idea that there is a single god, a single religion,” Bjønsdottas statement read.

“The only way to get rid of that is to start to make it a secret.”

According to Bjørsdotta, the Knights are an international association of believers who live and work in Norway.

It is based in a building in the northern city of Jyllands-Posten, where they organize events and meet.

They claim to have members from over 30 countries.

The group’s website says it “has more than 1.4 million members in over 200 countries and territories.”

The group’s message, according to Björnstad, is that “there is a one world and that there should be one true religion.

The way it is is that there are no religions.”

The Knights of Oslo, like many of the groups that have taken up arms in recent months, have no connection to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which is designated a foreign terrorist organization by the U.S. and European Union.

Bjøntsdottas group has been active for years, but the Knights also believe that the international community is in the midst of a worldwide struggle to end religious persecution.

The Knights have repeatedly been attacked by foreign terrorists and activists, most recently in April after an attack on a mosque in the German city of Stuttgart that left seven people dead and 15 wounded.

The violence was blamed by the group on ISIS.

The police have arrested several suspects, including two former ISIS members.

Björnsdóttar, the group’s head, has been jailed for five years for his part in the attack, which was also claimed by the ISIS.

The group is not alone.

Several other groups, including the Knights and the Islamic Society of Norway, have also claimed to be fighting for a single worldwide religion.

Some, like the Knights, have been involved in attacks on foreign visitors, while others have been targeted by domestic terrorists.

While the Knights have never been involved with ISIS, Björnnstad told NRK that they are a “radical organization” that is trying to make a name for themselves in Norway, even though he said the group is “not affiliated” with the terror group.

“Our goal is to bring about change in Norway,” Björndstad said.

“That means a change in the way Norway is governed.”

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