How to celebrate ‘welcome home’ from Afghanistan


In Afghanistan, it’s been said that when you’re out, there’s no one else to greet you.

And in recent years, the country has seen a surge in people travelling abroad for the first time in years, and that’s been welcomed by many.

“I was really sad when I got home,” says Mohammad Reza, who’s now in the United States to study.

“We got to see some people, and it was nice to see that everyone has the same goal: to get back to their country.”

It was so different when I first came here.

Now I know the people here are really happy.

They’ve seen the improvements in the country, and they want to go back.

“For a country that’s seen its population shrink by more than two-thirds in the past five years, Afghanistan is still the most populous in the world, and its population is expected to grow by over 100 million people in the coming years.

But many of these travellers don’t realise that it’s the country they’re going to visit that matters.

Aboriginal communities are not only more likely to be welcomed by the local community, but they are also more likely than other communities to have a positive impact on the country.

Afghanistan is also a country with a rich tradition of tribalism.”

Afghan tribes are very different from other tribes,” says Professor Rizwan Farooqi, the chairman of the University of Oxford’s Centre for Rural and Tribal Studies.”

They’re very strong and strong, they have a very strong culture and they have strong social institutions.

“Afghanis are known to be extremely religious, with many claiming to have received their faith from the Buddha.

In Afghanistan there are several churches in the capital Kabul, including the church of the Taj Mahal, which was built by the Afghan emperor Aurangzeb in the 12th century.

But it’s also true that the country is known for its strong traditional beliefs.”

There’s a strong belief that we are descended from the first people, that we were the first to arrive, and this is how the Afghan people believe, and the Afghan religious tradition,” Farooqa says.

In the first century, the founder of Islam, the Muslim prophet Muhammad, is said to have travelled to Afghanistan to preach the message of Islam to the tribes.”

These are the people that are responsible for the development of the country,” Faroosqi says.”

A number of the religions in the Afghan tradition have very strong spiritual aspects and also cultural aspects.

The history of Afghanistan has a lot to do with its identity and the way that people see themselves, Farooqs.””

The culture of Afghanistan is very strong, and we have the same spiritual traditions and the same traditional religion that the rest of the world has,” says Farooq.

The history of Afghanistan has a lot to do with its identity and the way that people see themselves, Farooqs.

“If you go back in time, and you look at the past, Afghanistan was very different to the rest.

This was a very different place, it was a different culture.”

But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have the history of our country and our traditions.

“In Afghanistan, you’re not just visiting Afghanistan to see people.

You’re visiting the world.

And it’s a world that you can visit anytime.

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