How to be an ‘Indigenous Christian’ in Ethiopia


Ethiopia is one of Africa’s most culturally diverse countries.

The country’s Christian minority, a large part of which are Muslims, is one the most persecuted in Africa.

But as Ethiopia grapples with a massive drought and humanitarian crises, the country is grappling with its own problems as well. 

I want to make a point: Christians are not the only ethnic group in Ethiopia. 

Ethiopia’s Christian population, which includes more than 60 million people, is estimated to be about 6 percent of the country’s population.

But there are many others, including Muslims, who are members of the majority Christian sect. 

This has long been a problem in Ethiopia, which is home to more than 1.3 million people of Ethiopian Christian descent. 

Many Christians in Ethiopia say they feel excluded from the political process and feel their communities are being persecuted, according to the Ethiopian Christian Coalition (ECA). 

“Ethiopian Christians, including myself, have been very disappointed and frustrated,” said Rufina Tshabalala, a Somali-born Ethiopian Christian who has been active in Ethiopia’s Christian community for decades.

“We are not allowed to participate in the government, because we don’t identify as Christians, and we are not able to get jobs or access government benefits,” she told EW.

“But, we are still here, and our communities are still very vulnerable.”

Ethiopias Christian Community has suffered discrimination, violence, and intimidation.

Many Christians have faced violence and threats.

In the early 1990s, Ethiopian Christians and their communities were targeted by Islamist groups.

But Ethiopia is now undergoing a wave of religious violence that is targeting churches and other places of worship. 

In 2014, the Ethiopian government launched a crackdown on religious minorities, arresting and killing hundreds of people in the countrys north.

Some Christians say they have not received justice for their crimes, while others say they were treated with suspicion and that their deaths were part of a pattern of intimidation. 

“It’s been very hard for us, for our families and for us to be able to go to church, to hold meetings, to speak our minds, to pray, to make friends,” said Tshalanala.

“There are still lots of problems.” 

Despite the government’s crackdown, Christians remain a visible minority in Ethiopia and they have struggled to find jobs, according the Christian Coalition.

Many of those who have been arrested have been Christians, according Tshaliana.

“I think it’s a shame that the government is using this as a pretext to target Christian communities,” she said.

“Ethiopians are not being targeted, because they are people.

We are people, and it is not a pretext.”

Ethiastans Christians are one of the largest groups of people who are represented in the Ethiopian parliament.

They have been a key constituency in government for decades, as their faith has been an important pillar of Ethiopia’s identity.

Ethiopians Christians represent more than 30 percent of Ethiopiaís population, but the Christian population has been under pressure from a number of factors, including the government crackdown, political violence, the lack of education, and economic hardship. 

But the Christian community has been a significant part of Ethiopian society. 

The majority of Ethiopian Christians live in the northern cities of Addis Ababa, the capital, and the capital city of Addison, which they call Addis, or the city of God.

The majority of Ethiopians are Christian, according a 2014 study from the United Nations. 

As Ethiopia struggles to cope with drought, it is facing a massive humanitarian crisis.

In 2016, the government announced it was sending 200,000 food parcels to communities in the drought-stricken country.

But this effort has also been met with criticism, and Ethiopian Christians have been concerned about the distribution of the food.

“There are some who are not happy that the humanitarian aid has not been distributed, and they want it distributed to their communities in Addis,” said Dorek Daga, a local Christian leader in Addison.

“It’s not fair.

They want to distribute the aid to their community, but not to our community.

They don’t know how to deal with the situation.” 

According to the United Nation, Ethiopia is the world’s fifth-largest recipient of humanitarian aid.

The Christian Coalition is concerned that Ethiopia’s government will only receive humanitarian aid if it includes the Christian minority in the distribution.

 “The Christian minority will only be included in the humanitarian assistance if they receive equal treatment, equal treatment with the Muslim population,” Tshali said.

Tshalanas Christian community is not the first to suffer persecution in Ethiopia as a result of the governments crackdown on the Christian faith.

In 2014, Ethiopia banned the adoption of children from Muslim-majority countries, including Ethiopia.

This decision sparked controversy, with Ethiopian Christians being banned from attending Christian weddings, and many in the Christian Community said they were

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