Scientology’s latest film will be called ‘Scientology: Inside The Sea Of Monsters’ (full trailer)


This summer, the world of Scientology will get a whole lot stranger as director David Miscavige unveils a new film about its secretive religion, according to an insider.

The film, called “Scientology,” is based on a novel by David Miscabile (who died in 2014), and stars actor Robert Patrick as the titular “Scientologist,” and actress Michelle Dockery, who has appeared in several Scientology movies.

It is set to be released by Amazon Studios in North America on August 23, and in the UK on September 7.

It also has a US release date of September 6, with a theatrical release scheduled for September 10.

Miscaviges new film is based off the novel, and will be directed by the man behind the iconic 1980s cult hit “The Church Of Scientology.”

It is also the third film in the series, which has already won two Oscars, one for the 2003 film “The Last Airbender,” and two for the 2010 film “Hollow Man.”

This new movie follows the events surrounding the infamous July 2008 disappearance of actress Leah Remini, who disappeared after attending a Scientology event at a Los Angeles hotel.

She has never been heard from since, and her family says she has been brainwashed into believing that she committed suicide.

As of this writing, it is unknown if the “Scientologists” film will include Remini’s family members.

A Scientology spokesperson did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

“Scientological” has a long history of controversial content.

The cult’s earliest films were heavily censored, and there were several legal battles between the Church and those that produced them, including lawsuits that eventually resulted in a settlement.

In 2014, the Church sued the film’s producer, the filmmaker Steven Soderbergh, claiming that his film was defamatory, and that the film insulted Miscavoges family.

Soderberg denied the allegations, and Miscavages legal team eventually dropped the case.

It wasn’t the first time Scientology was sued over a film.

The church also sued actor Bill Murray for allegedly making anti-Scientology comments in 2006, and another film director, David Fincher, was sued by a group of former Scientologists for defamation after a 2004 interview in which he criticized the Church.

But this is the first “Scientologues” film that will be directly tied to a case, which is what makes the film all the more surprising.

This is not the first movie to be directed and produced by David O. Russell, who also directed “Battlestar Galactica,” “Lost in Translation,” “The Girl on the Train,” “Good Will Hunting,” and the upcoming “Million Dollar Baby.”

He was also behind the 2005 film “Gods of Egypt,” which starred Jason Schwartzman.

Russell has previously directed “Fatal Attraction,” which won the best picture Oscar.

He was previously involved in the 2007 “Empire” series, but left the project after being accused of sexual harassment by one of its cast members.

Russell recently told Entertainment Weekly that he was working on a sequel to “Gotham,” which stars Matt Damon and Amy Adams.

He also has previously worked on the feature “The Boy,” and he is developing a pilot for NBC for the upcoming ABC comedy “Cougar Town.”

“I just got back from the Tribeca Film Festival in Italy, and I was in the middle of a project called ‘S.W.A.T. and the Lost Empire,” Russell said.

“And I was just having a lot of fun with it.

And I came back and this film came up, and it’s just amazing.”

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