Why Buddhists Are Better Than Christians For the Middle Class


Buddhism is a religion that was founded by Buddhist monks who lived in India.

According to Wikipedia, the religion’s original founder, Avalokitesvara, was a “great bodhisattva” who taught that “the path to enlightenment is through practice.”

The Buddhism of the Buddha was widely considered to be one of the best-known religions of the world.

In fact, Buddhism has been studied by more than 100 Nobel Prize-winning scientists, including the Dalai Lama.

The Buddhist faith has been around for about 3,000 years, with some Buddhist monks living in Tibet.

According the United Nations, Buddhism is the third-largest religion in the world after Christianity and Islam.

Buddhists are among the most religious in the West.

According a 2015 Pew Research Center poll, more than half of Americans say that Buddhism is an important part of their religious identity.

Bengaluru-based company, Buddhist Grit, makes shorts, t-shirts and accessories for the company’s popular BambooBuddha brand.

According to the company, the shorts are made with “Buddhist inspired materials.”

The company also offers a range of BambooGrit products, including socks and hats.

The company says that they offer a “sporty” style, with a “soft feel” and “soft and comfortable.”

According to its website, the Bamboo Grit shorts are designed with “slim, comfortable and lightweight,” but also with “the classic look and feel of Bambu.”

Buddhisattvas were revered in India for centuries and are said to have passed on wisdom and compassion to future generations.

According with the Buddha’s teachings, a Buddhist has to have a “clear mind” and understand the importance of life.

Bodies of Buddhism were created to represent the “life-force” of the bodhisatta, the Buddha.

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