How Turkey’s secularism will change if Erdogan wins


Turkey’s religious leaders have already announced they will accept the result of a referendum held on Saturday.

However, the prime minister, Binali Yildirim, said that the constitution and the constitution of the secular republic would have to be amended if there is a rerun.

If the rerun is won, the government will try to bring down the AKP.

But it’s difficult.

The AKP has an unpopularity rating of 45% in the polls, which are usually taken with a grain of salt.

The prime minister said that if the election were to be rerun, the AK Party would win and that it would be the country’s first government since the republic was founded in 1923.

“This is not an issue that I have any doubt about,” he said.

The AKP lost the referendum on the constitutional amendment and the party will not change its stance on the constitution, he added.

The government’s stance will be a key factor in deciding how Turkey will move forward, Mr Yildirspan said.

“We will not accept a reruns.

It is not possible to accept the referendum if we can’t change our position,” he told reporters.

The Turkish prime minister was referring to the referendum results which saw 55% of voters reject the constitution change.

Turkey’s constitution, enacted in 2013, allows secularism to be implemented and enshrines a secular constitution in the constitution.

However, it is not clear how this would be achieved in the new constitutional republic.

Under the constitution the president has the power to appoint ministers to all executive posts and the prime minster has the powers to appoint all ministers in the executive branch.

The constitution also requires that ministers should have an education, social welfare, health and agriculture background.

The current president has said he does not believe there should be a religious or cultural ban on secularism.

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