Why Tulsi Gabbard is a true believer in Islam


Tulsi Gandhi is a “true believer” in Islam, her daughter, India’s most powerful woman, said Sunday, as she urged the US to release more of her father’s files from prison.

The former congresswoman was sentenced to nearly eight years in prison in October after pleading guilty to bank fraud and violating a gag order.

“Tulsi has been a true faith-believer in Islam for a long time.

I believe that it is the only faith that can bring peace and prosperity in the world.

I know it has helped us in the fight against terrorism,” Gabbards daughter said in a statement.

“The US is a leader in its efforts to release her father from prison.” 

Gabbard, who was a fierce critic of US President Donald Trump’s handling of the war in Iraq, has been under house arrest since she was released from prison in December 2017.

She is scheduled to return to the US in January. 

In a statement, Gabbarad said she was honored by the invitation to join the Indian delegation to the White House on Monday. 

“I would like to thank the President and his Administration for this opportunity,” she said. 

The Gandhi family, which also includes Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, has long been known as a staunch supporter of India’s independence struggle. 

Gandhi’s father, Rajiv, was imprisoned by the Indian government in 1973 after being convicted of involvement in the killing of the Indian parliamentarian and other politicians. 

India’s Supreme Court later acquitted him in a landmark case. 

Tulsa Gabbardi Gandhi, a former congress woman from the US, was sentenced by a federal court to nearly 8 years in a federal prison for violating a Federal Bureau of Prisons gag order, a spokeswoman for the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia said in an email.

Gabbardo, who holds a doctorate in public health and medicine from the University of Chicago, was the longest-serving member of Congress. 

At a news conference, Gazzetti said that while he respects Tulsi’s religious beliefs, she has not converted to Islam and has not had any contact with the Muslim community. 

While Tulsi is a devout Muslim, Gaffi, a professor at the University the University at Buffalo, said that she believes she has followed her faith.

“Tulsia has been deeply and consistently involved in her Muslim community and has been active in their meetings.

I have never had any direct interaction with Tulsi,” Gaffici said.

“She is a member of a community that is diverse, with many different faiths and practices.

She has done very well for herself and her family.” 

While many Americans support the release of her husband, former Vice President Joe Biden, who has spent decades in prison on terrorism charges, Gabbaşini, who is married to a US citizen, said she believes it is time for Congress to act on her father. 

On Monday, she called on the House and Senate to release Gabbart’s records. 

Congressional leaders have previously said that they are open to the release. 

 Read more about TulsiGabbardiGaffi and Gabbarde are the only members of Congress to have served in the Senate for more than a decade, and both served as the top Democrat on the Foreign Relations Committee. 

A few days before her sentencing, Tulsi released a statement that said she would not stop fighting for democracy. 

Her statement said she wants to fight for her country, to make sure that our children have the same opportunities as everyone else.

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