When is the next time we’ll see a Burmese Muslim protest?


A protest is a peaceful gathering of people protesting injustice and oppression, usually on the day of a political protest.

It’s usually a peaceful protest, except for a few violent demonstrations that happen during the election campaign, when violence and arrests are common.

This year, the Myanmar Muslim community has been protesting for more than five weeks, with thousands of people participating.

In the past week, there have been clashes between police and protesters in the capital Naypyidaw, where a police helicopter was shot down and an army unit was beaten by angry crowds.

It was the worst violence against the Muslim community since 2008, when rioting broke out in the city of Kyaukpyu, when the government used excessive force against peaceful protesters.

Myanmar Muslim leaders, however, have been largely quiet since the protests began.

On Friday, they urged protesters to stop, but there were no reports of arrests.

Some of the protests have been peaceful, including peaceful demonstrations by monks and nuns, and a protest in the eastern province of Myitkyina.

Some groups of protesters have also gathered in front of the Myanmar Parliament.

Many have held signs that read “We are Myanmar” and “Stop Burmans” or “Burmese Muslims are welcome here” or even “Muslim are welcome in Myanmar.”

Others have marched through central Kyaukyu in an attempt to get to the parliament.

The government says the protests are an attempt by the Muslim population to destabilize the government.

They have said that the protests will be peaceful.

The violence and intimidation that led to the protests has not stopped Myanmar’s military from pursuing their plans.

The country has been engulfed in violence since the coup in 2011, which overthrew the democratically elected government.

In addition to the government’s plans to overthrow the government, the military has continued to impose restrictions on the Muslim minority.

The military says the Muslim people have been “terrorizing” the country and has been responsible for many of the country’s problems.

The police have been used as tools in a coup against the military government and have targeted the Rohingya community, which is estimated at around 50 percent of the population.

The Myanmar government says its goal is to “stop the terrorists” from taking over the country, but some of the people detained in the recent crackdown on the Rohingya have been charged with “terrorism.”

Many of the Burmues have been under military rule for more years than they have been Muslim.

The Burmue population is estimated to number around one million people in the country.

Myanmar has a history of religious conflict.

In Myanmar, the government says, Christians are a minority group, but many people who identify as Christian believe they are not Muslims and are a distinct group.

They call themselves Muslims but call themselves Buddhists, and they have faced discrimination for centuries.

The United States has criticized the Myanmar government for its policies toward the Muslim Rohingya, including for not doing enough to protect the minority.

Many of Myanmar’s Muslim citizens, however are peaceful.

There have been no reported cases of violence against Muslims in the past year.

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